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about milkwell

Hi! I'm Jen. For almost 20 years I have been providing compassionate and practical support for families throughout the childbearing years. After many years as a therapeutic massage therapist, I started supporting families through pregnancy and beyond as a birth and postpartum doula. That work led me to falling in love with the art and science of breastfeeding and lactation support and after years of education and my own clinical supervision, I opened my private practice, Milkwell Lactation & Feeding Solutions in 2018.  We are now a small team of lactation professionals who strive to provide a welcoming, approachable and positive experience helping the community learn about feeding their baby and helping them feel well while doing it. 


Jen Kowal, IBCLC, Owner, Milkwell

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Jeannette is Milkwell’s Administrative Maven! She keeps track of appointments, ensures systems are kept running smoothly and is the friendly voice you hear when calling the office number. As a mom of two, she’s been where you are and knows how tricky new parenthood can feel (fun fact: she is a former client of Jen's!). After devoting the better part of a decade to full-time motherhood, she is thrilled to utilize her skills and experience to help support new parents as they step into a new phase of life.

Jeannette Catanzaro, Office Administrator

Other team members:

Gina Signorelli IBCLC, RDN

Cassie Moriarty, IBCLC

Kathryn McLaughlin IBCLC

Iris Lewis IBCLC

Nikole Keller IBCLC

Carolyn Kerr CBS

Donatella Nesti, CLC

Anissa Allesandro CBS

Sindy Ferreira CBS

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