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Do I need a lactation consultant?

You might be wondering whether you should see a lactation professional or not. Maybe you saw someone in the hospital and they were crazy helpful (or super unhelpful...) and you aren't sure if anyone else can be helpful to you. Well, feeding a baby does come with its fair share of challenges. Here are several reasons why you might benefit from working with a private practice lactation consultant who has experience with a range of ages and needs:

  1. Latching and Positioning: Getting a proper latch and positioning can be a game-changer for successful breastfeeding. We can assess your baby's latch and help you find the best positions for a comfortable and effective feed.

  2. Milk Supply Concerns: Whether you're concerned about low milk supply or an oversupply issue, we can help you understand the factors affecting your milk production and provide guidance on how to manage them.

  3. Pain and Discomfort: Nipple pain and breast discomfort are common issues for many new moms. We can help you identify the root causes and offer solutions to alleviate the pain, ensuring a more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

  4. Breastfeeding Challenges: If your baby is premature, has special needs, or is having difficulty breastfeeding for any reason, we can provide specialized guidance and techniques to accommodate their unique requirements.

  5. Returning to Work: As a working mom, you may have concerns about maintaining your milk supply and successfully pumping. We can help you create a pumping schedule, store breast milk properly, and offer advice on transitioning back to work.

  6. Nutrition and Diet: Your diet can impact your milk quality much more than the internet would have you believe. We can offer nutritional advice to ensure you're getting the nutrients you need and help you address any concerns regarding your baby's allergies or sensitivities.

  7. Weaning: When the time comes to transition your baby to solid foods or wean them from breastfeeding, we can provide guidance on the process, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition for both you and your little one.

  8. Tongue, Lip + Cheek Tie: If your baby has a tongue, lip or cheek tie, it can affect their ability to latch properly. We can help evaluate the issue and guide you through the options.

  9. Sore Breasts or Mastitis: If you're experiencing mastitis or blocked ducts, We can provide strategies to relieve these issues and help you continue breastfeeding while managing the discomfort.

  10. Emotional Support: Breastfeeding can be emotionally challenging. I'm here to offer emotional support and encouragement, helping you build confidence and enjoy this special bonding time with your baby.

  11. BONUS! Bottle Feeding Support: for any and all babies, even those who only take formula! If your newborn is struggling to take a bottle, leaking milk, or tiring out before they can take a full feed, reach out to a lactation consultant. Many of them have loads of bottle feeding experience!

In summary, a lactation consultant is here to provide personalized guidance, support, and practical solutions for your unique feeding journey. Whether you're a first-time mom or have previous breastfeeding experiences, I'm here to help you navigate the experience with confidence and success. Don't hesitate to reach out, and let's work together to make your breastfeeding journey as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible! Click here to schedule with Milkwell™.


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